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The benefits of coworking

Get inspired
Coworking offers possibilities. You can test ideas with your coworking colleagues, ask for advice about an administrative issue or simply be inspired by
  like-minded, creative professionals.  

Boost your productivity
The energy that prevails at En CO will increase your efficiency in any case. A coworking environment encourages people to work. That's for sure. It is no coincidence that more and more companies allow their employees to work in coworking spaces.

Man is a social animal. Sitting at home alone all day cannot bring out the best in you. Fortunately, coworking does. Although you work for yourself, you are surrounded by nice people. Do you have a dip in focus? Then go to the kitchen area and have a coffee while chatting with your fellow co-worker. You are then fully charged again to fly in.

Don't let anyone say otherwise: coworking is affordable. Renting an office yourself costs a lot more than occupying a coworking space at En CO. It also entails a lot of extra costs. Just think: paying rent, investing in infrastructure, monthly costs, additional administration, annual contracts ... it is not obvious. At En CO you don't have to worry about all that. You pay your monthly costs, et voila, you can fully focus on what matters again: your work.  

Network in style
En CO's coworking space is not only the perfect place to meet a lot of new creative entrepreneurs. It is also the ideal location to receive customers. The stylish meeting rooms undoubtedly leave a reliable impression.

Keep work and private life separate
Working from home is not easy. For example, household tasks are always lurking and you have to have a steely character in order not to just plop on the couch and turn on the TV at an unguarded moment. Coworking frees you from that. A change of environment is also productive.

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